• Fun Summer Contest

    The Post Lady..

    I had this really amazing conversation with my younger one. He had been observing me tapping the keys on the laptop for quite sometime and assumed that I must be writing my ‘article’. He comes to me and says, ‘why can’t you be someone else other than a writer?’ This took me by a little

  • Fun Summer Contest

    My Funny Story – Mummy Fogg Chal Raha Hai!!!

    First Entry to the Fun Summer Contest is here…This is from a lovely Mama from Noida (India).   Hi everyone, This funny incident happened recently when me and my 3. 5 yr old little boy were coming back from a market buying some grocery. As we entered our apartment he pressed the button of he

  • Inspiration- Your Door of Happiness

    Inspiration- Open The Door of Happiness

    When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”– Helen Keller Life is full of opportunities, we just have to have the courage to take those. Often we keep searching for happiness in

  • Fun Summer Contest

    My Funny Story-My Tummy Is Hungry

    I am running a Fun Summer Contest as you all lovely Mamas might have noticed, so I thought I would start it with my own funny incident. Do send in your entries starting tomorrow ladies! My Funny Story – A warm-up for the Contest! A few days back I had received a packet of sweets

  • Contest

    Contest For Mamas: Lets Have Some Fun!

    Summer vacations are all about sitting at home and chilling- sometimes just lazying around watching TV or, at other times, filling your tummy with some food.  Just to escape the scorching heat, we don’t go out much or let the kids out in the daytime. So, while your little minion takes over the TV and

  • when to start potty training

    When Is The Right Time To Start Potty Training???

    My (almost four year old) little boy is busy playing hide and seek with Mama (me ofcourse!). After about 15 minutes into the game he comes running and says “Mama mm-mm!” I rush him to the toilet, his potty seat in place, he sits on it happily and finishes his business. It took me almost

  • Plan a date with your husband

    Plan a date With Your Husband

    Diditdidit diditdidit…The alarm sounds and I hit the snooze button without even opening my eyes. I still have five more minutes to start the day. And those five minutes of bliss….ends with another diditdidit…uff..I finally wake up and go to the kitchen.. Then the hotch-potch of the  morning starts. Everything passes as a blur. I