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The joys of motherhood are unlimited. Only first hand experience lead me to believe into the theory. Life that seemed content and fulfilled before being blessed with a child,  seems unfulfilled if we look back. What has changed now? A little cuddly, wobbly,delicate and innocent being sent from the almighty to bless our lives.

Mothers are overwhelmed with emotions that they had no idea they possessed. It is tough indeed to raise a child. And now with the rise of people living far away from their home town and elders, they are deprived of the wisdom that those old minds hold. We depend upon our friends, neighbours and all those acquaintances who are experienced in motherhood to throw some light on the innumerable questions that pop in our head.

Who Am I?

I am the mama of a little boy, a freelance writer and a teacher. Being a mother I used to seek out friends for advice and even now find my friends with younger children constantly plagued by questions related to the health, diet and even barfs and poops of their children!

Books won’t teach you as much as experience would. Being a mama has made me whole, a complete person. I have gone through serious ups and downs in the journey of motherhood and am still in the process of learning. Why not join hands and help each other out in this journey because internet is a medium where we can stay in touch 24X7. You can ask a question in the middle of the night and someone would always be there to help you out!

It’s For Awesome Moms Like You!

Here at Mama’s Cuppa we all are mothers and are not separated by profession, possession or place. We all share a common bond. We all understand how hard it is to continuously change diaper, handle poops with your head held high and deal with temper tantrums. We even know that the best reward in the whole world that we can ever get is the toothless grin, the loving hug and the magical words-“I Love You Mama“.

We can help each other out and even relax for a while knowing that we are not alone in this. When someone says “Raising a child isn’t a big deal”, you tell them “Try and do it if you can! It is only a Mama’s Cuppa Tea you know!”

Why Mama’s Cuppa?

If you want to say something, this is the place to be!

If you want to get some motivation, this is the place to be!

If you want some tips on certain issues, this is the place to be!

if you want to share your ideas, this is the place to be!

I would love to get to know you!